I’m back again ! Like the backstreets boys

Hello bloggers ,

sorry I’ve been away so long this last year has be manic , so much has happened some good some bad . I had to say goodbye to some amazing people hopefully not for to long . We’re all taking different paths and growing apart , it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be because even though there not with me every day I know there still there for me . Ive┬ástarted writing my book and I’m loving it and I think I’m acutely going to finish this one , for once I’m not trying to rush to get it finished .I’m hoping I have my delbou moment and Become a millionaire that’s what I’m always saying this time next year we’ll be millionaires . I hope someone ie one of you awesome prowl could tell me a good book publisher that’s would look at my book ­čÖé thanks guys .

That’s all I have for now

love you guys

what’s on a tea drinkers mind xx

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Shameless us

Dear readers , I have started watching the tv show shameless us I feel in love with the show it’s on of the highest rating shows on the network however I’m seriously worried it will be canceled because compared to over shows it has really low ratings which I don’t get because the show is amazing !! I advice you to at least watch one episode if it not your cup of tea fine but just give it ago I would hate to see this show get canceled the actors and actresses that work on this show are amazing and talented . The story lines they explore are completely real and the raw emotion the actors / actresses show when acting out these stories make them even more heartbreaking and the character development is simply just amazing I.E . The character Mickey Milkovich in the first season he’s just a low life thug and he starts having sex with Ian gallagher but he won’t admit that he feels anything for Ian and that Ian is just a booty call , however over the season he starts to open up to Ian and then Ian leaves because mickey marries a hooker ; mickeys dad ( terry how is a homophobic nazi ) catches him with ian and makes the hooker rape mickey to make him straight .
In season 4 ian is missing and mickey is upset that ian left him to deal with everything on his own , mickey finds ian working at a gay bar but he’s not him self and he threats mickey that is going to leave so mickey comes out to his family and his dad beats the crap out of him and terry gets arrested the next day ian will not get out bed ians family tells mickey Ian is bipolar and mickey is really upset . See the show deals with all types of different story’s and it’s really heart warming when they get a chance at happiness
please watch this show.
Love tea xxxxx

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Rocky horror picutre show

dear readers ,
a few weeks ago in October I went to the curve to see the rocky horror picture show is was amazing it was the second play I went to see and one of the best in my opinion ,the cast were amazing an actor called Oliver Thornton played frank n further he was fabulous just everything he did was amazing when he first came on stage the atmosphere changed and the was he sung and the way he presented him self on stage was amazing . an actor called christos Dante played brad he was funny and played the part really well ,Dani harmer played Janet she was amazing when I was reading the booklet before it started and saw it was her I was like no way she’s not Janet but as soon as she stared I was like they made the right choose in picking her she’s Janet she played the part really well and she was just really funny . Philip franks was the narrator he was amazing every time some shouted something he said something it was really funny I didn’t expect that but he was just really funny as the narrator . they really did pick an all star cast they had so much energy and they were just amazing the down side is that I will never see the same people do it again , that’s just a big shame it would be nice to see how over people will portray the roles but it will not be the same saddle but I will always remember it . it was just so amazing . really hope to see the same cast do it again I give this play ***** stars because it was out of this world how good it was .
love tea xxxxxxxxxxxx
p.s read this then watch the movie then see it live and tell me what you think .

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Vote sterek

Dear bloggers , please vote sterek here is a link so you can vote for them http://www.thebacklot.com/ultimate-slash-madness-championship-round/08/2013/ please use link to vote and share to get sterek to win thank you
Love tea xxx

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Teen wolf film & show

Hello bloggers ,
I know I have not blogged in a long time but I have been watching teen wolf season 2 and buffy the vampire slayer . Season 3 of teen wolf has now started in the USA however the views are getting low and I don’t want this show to stop people please watch it . It’s not the fact that I love the movie because the movie and show are I completely different things . I love the actors and the Characters the show brings something else to the table ,with vampire diaries it don’t have the while gay thing which I find a bit weird and teen wolf has Danny how’s role is as important as Scott’s or stiles . I think that this show is amazing and I hope you do too so watch it just for me the show is something special trust me . I hope you all watch the show even before you read this blog this show can still be saved trust me on this !!
Love tea xxx

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My encore guitar

Hello bloggers from around the world ,
yesterday I get an encore guitar but I’m not sure i I need an amplifier the guitar is amazing . So I am writing this post to see if anyone has the answer or if you could send me an awesome blog link . I just want to know I love playing guitar but this a completely different type to what I play so I anyone has the answer I would to know. Love tea xxxx

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It’s my blog

Hello bloggers , I got a comment on my blog a couple of weeks or months ago saying my blog is hard to read . This is what he put ‘your blog is like extremely hard to read ‘ is that what you lot think as well ?? Then he goes on to say that I’m basically getting the wrong end of the stick . Right this is my blog it has my name on it I write here you don’t if you don’t like what I’m writing don’t read it . So don’t start telling me about what I’m writing I know what I’m Doing .my post are all about different things and I hate it when people try and explain to me what im doing I already know .
Love tea xxx

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